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Watch Matt McGorry’s deleted How to Get Away With Murder finale scene

Watch Matt McGorry’s  deleted How to Get Away With Murder finale scene

How to Get Away With Murder

Asher Millstone is dead, so it stands to reason we won’t see him pop up one last time on Thursday’s series finale of How to Get Away With Murder.

Yet, we almost got one last glimpse of the reformed frat boy. On Monday, creator Peter Nowalk shared Asher’s (Matt McGorry) final scene, which has been cut from the episode for time.
“Deleted scene alert: We only had 43 minutes for our final, so here’s @MattMcGorry in his final #HTGAWM scene. Thank you Matt for bringing heart, laughter, & one-of-a-kind dance moves to all of us,” Nowalk wrote.

The scene features Connor (Jack Falahee) dreaming that Asher is alive and in his kitchen; the FBI faked his death to use him as a secret, surprise witness in the case against Annalise (Viola Davis). At first, it seems like it’s really happening, but things quickly go south as Asher pulls out the iconic Lady Justice statue, which was the murder weapon in season 1, and threatens to kill Connor with it. Connor awakes from his nightmare, startled by the anguish caused by his guilt.

Earlier this season, we saw Asher meet his demise at the hands of an FBI agent, and we caught up with McGorry after his final moments on the series. He warned us that this would be the last we saw of him. “This was the end of Asher,” he said. “We actually we did shoot a scene for the final episode that ended up not making the cut, so yeah, this will be the final time you see Asher on screen.”

But thank goodness for deleted scenes.
The How to Get Away With Murder series finale airs Thursday at 10 p.m. on ABC.
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