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Friends Props Are Going Up For Auction – Including The Couch

Friends Props Are Going Up For Auction – Including The Couch

Props from Friends are going up for auction, for a good cause, and the couch is included. In a continuation of the show’s silver anniversary, which has included theatrical runs for select episodes, and a special LEGO set, fans will soon have a chance to own a piece of the show’s history. It is not unexpected for beloved pieces of pop culture to be revisited, and reexamined, during significant anniversaries. But the celebration around Friends has been particularly eventful, with the recent announcement of HBO Max planning a reunion show for the sitcom’s world-famous cast members. That would have been a fitting conclusion to the festivities. But a recent announcement seeks to engage the show’s most passionate fans for a positive purpose.

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Friends is memorable for many reasons. Hair styles, fashion choices, consistently excellent recurring players, and celebrity guest stints that mostly work out for the better. In addition to the chemistry between characters and classic episodes, which is a requirement for any iconic television series, Friends racked up a collection of memorable objects over the course of 10 seasons. Some are more obvious and instantly recognizable, like the couch, while others are closer to deepcuts that might pop up during a particularly intense round of trivia. The auction has both kinds of items and props.

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According to E! Online, Warner Bros. TV and Prop Store have united to allow collectors the chance to own a piece of television history. The auction will take place on December 3rd, as part of Giving Tuesday, and the proceeds will benefit The Trevor Project. The Trevor Project is the world’s largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention organization for LGBTQ+ youth. Items that will go on sale include outfits worn by the cast, like Joey’s Superman costume and a Ralph Lauren blouse worn by Rachel.

Much to Joey’s dismay, Hugsy the Penguin will be auctioned off. So will a replica of the Turkey with Sunglasses and a Smelly Cat Litter Box. A list of items, with preview images, can be viewed at the website of Prop Store. But, suffice to say, there are some esoteric options. For those inclined, they can bid on the VHS Cover of ‘Buffay, the Vampire Layer.’ There’s also Chandler and Joey’s wood canoe, with two paddles, which might be more practical. Though not pictured, a statement from the COO of Prop Store mentions that detailed reproductions of the iconic couch and the Holiday Armadillo costume will be available.

Given the sitcom’s enduring popularity, and the fact that the proceeds will go to a very worthy cause, the auction will definitely drum up interest. It’s not quite the continuation, or even the reboot, that some fans hope for. But it’s an opportunity to claim a piece of Friends as your own.
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