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The Bachelor: Peter Weber Pilots the Season 24 Poster

The Bachelor: Peter Weber Pilots the Season 24 Poster

With a little under two months until the next season of The Bachelor, ABC’s promotional materials featuring Peter Weber are starting to make their rounds on the internet, including a brand new poster of the beloved lead. Alongside a recently released teaser trailer, the poster milks Weber’s status as a pilot for all it’s worth.
Weber first appeared on Hannah Brown’s season of The Bachelorette. With his sweet and seemingly innocent personality, it was no surprise that he made it all the way to Brown’s final three. Although he didn’t end up with Brown, Weber won the hearts of Bachelor Nation viewers. A few months after the end of Brown’s season, Weber was announced as the new Bachelor. He’s most known for the famous windmill confession on last season when Brown admitted the pair had sex four times during their overnight date. Beyond his sexual prowess, however, Weber also earned the nickname “Pilot Pete” after viewers learned that he was an airline pilot. Now, ABC is marketing their new season, and they’re ready to take Weber’s career choice to new heights.

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Revealed exclusively to People, ABC just released the key art for the upcoming season of The Bachelor. In the season 24 poster, Weber stands in the aisle of a plane surrounded by passengers. He’s wearing his pilot uniform and holding his hat under one arm. In his other hand, Weber holds a single red rose, which he presents to the camera with a small, half-smile on his lips. Above his head, where he makes fierce eye contact with the photographer, is this season’s catchphrase: “Expect Turbulence.” The poster also reveals the premiere date of the next season. On January 6, 2020, viewers will be roped into a three-hour episode to kick off Weber’s journey.

The poster release follows closely on the heels of the new season’s teaser trailer, which also capitalizes on Weber’s status as a pilot. The teaser starts with a shot of a plane roaring through the sky before focusing in on a single rose petal. The petal floats towards a windmill in a not-at-all subtle reference to Weber’s most famous moment from last season. Weber then appears in a suit, holding a rose and looking quite pensive while he stares at the flower in his hand. Shockingly enough, he’s not wearing his pilot’s uniform in the teaser, though he does look rather serious and nervous. The result of a dramatic season? It looks like we’ll have to wait to find out.

If there’s one thing ABC loves when marketing The Bachelor, it’s a story. According to these new materials, Weber’s story mostly revolves around being a pilot. While focusing on Weber’s job doesn’t seem that interesting in the grand scheme of things, it seems we won’t be able to escape thinly veiled pilot puns alongside incessant references to the windmill for what will probably be the entire season. While it’s nice to have a cohesive plot that draws people to the lead, too many months of windmill jokes – just like Hannah “Beast” side or Colton’s virginity – are guaranteed to get old. Hopefully, The Bachelor producers catch on to that fact sooner rather than later.

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Source: People

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