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Quantico Season 2: The Finale Explained | Screen Rant

Quantico Season 2: The Finale Explained | Screen Rant

Here’s how Quantico’s season 2 finale played out. Quantico debuted on ABC in 2015 and stars Priyanka Chopra as FBI agent Alex, who is suspected of a terrorist act. The unique hook of the first series was how it was split between two timelines, with one in the past following Alex as a recruit and the other as she tries to clear her name in the present. The show is a star vehicle for Bollywood star Chopra, who previously appeared in the movie remake of Baywatch. She is also due to star alongside Chris Pratt in comic adaptation Cowboy Ninja Viking.
Quantico was created by Joshua Safran, who previously worked on TV shows Gossip Girl and Smash. Quantico itself resembles Homeland in tone, but while its initial dual story structure was confusing to some viewers, the series received solid reviews overall. Quantico was made a little easier to follow in the second season due to these complaints. Sadly, declining ratings saw the show come to an end with its third season, which finished airing in 2018.

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Quantico’s fate was in the air leading up to its season 2 finale “Resistance,” which saw Alex and her team working together to bring down corrupt President Roarke. On the surface, they are recruiting for Roarke’s new intelligence agency, but they meet in secret with a plan to stop the President getting key votes he needs. Their plot is soon uncovered, however, so they have to switch tactics. Will and Iris meet with one of “The Collaborators” Peter Theo at a party and propose a threesome – which is just a ploy to gain access to his home computer to locate compromising information on Roarke.

This is where the Quantico season 2 finale ramps up, with Alex ambushing the President at the Convention by playing his conversation with the FSB and releasing all the information she has on his illegal activities to various law firms. Things appear to take a tragic turn when she storms on the stage, only to be shot by Miranda. Love interest Ryan (Jake McLaughlin, Scorpion) is understandably devastated as she’s taken away – only to learn her death was faked.
Quantico season 2 ends with the exposed Roarke committing suicide, the rest of the team celebrating their hard-won victory and Alex and Ryan running away together to start a new life. It was nice to see the gang score a victory for a change, especially in Alex’s case, though naturally her happily ever after is interrupted in season 3.

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