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Teen Mom: Jenelle’s Husband Starts Weapon-Making Business

Teen Mom: Jenelle’s Husband Starts Weapon-Making Business

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans’ husband, David Eason, began a new career after the family was cut from the MTV show – he started his own weapon-making business. The controversial couple is finding creative ways of making an income; however, the nature of the business is worrisome to fans due to David’s erratic and allegedly violent past.
David has been with Jenelle since 2015 and shares a baby with the Teen Mom star, Ensley Eason. David was featured on Teen Mom 2 with Jenelle before February 2018 when he made headlines for his homophobic Tweets. MTV decided to cut ties with David but continued to film Jenelle, Ensley, and their four other children. Then, in October 2018, 911 calls were released to the public of Jenelle alleging that David assaulted her. Jenelle then immediately said it was just a drunk misunderstanding. Then the history of his alleged violence continued in May 2019 when Jenelle claimed David shot and killed their family dog, Nugget. David fessed up to it, insisting it was to protect his family as he claimed the dog had nipped at their 2-year-old daughter. The whole situation got very messy as Jenelle claimed she never made a statement to the police and that the whole thing was blown out of proportion and just a publicity stunt. The investigation was then dropped, but that didn’t stop MTV from deciding to cut ties with Jenelle.

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Since the controversial couple is no longer employed by MTV, David is finding new ways of generating income. The former Teen Mom star has started his own “custom Metal and woodwork” company called Black River Metal and Wood, and has created an Etsy account as well as an Instagram to show off the weapons he’s making. He’s shown in one of his first Instagram posts forging his first knife for his new endeavor. He captioned the post with a lengthy caption about the process of making his first knife, writing, “I think my first knife came out pretty well considering the fact I used absolutely no power tools.” He then went on to boast about the sharpness of the homemade knife, “This knife is extremely sharp but is not considered to be a novelty.” He explained that he will be doing full-length videos that will be posted to his YouTube channel.

The former Teen Mom dad has since posted multiple posts of his knives, knife sheaths, and custom leather handgun holsters. He even posted a picture of all of the materials he needed to make Jenelle her very own holster for her pistol. It seems fans aren’t too excited about the idea that this man with an allegedly violent history is now going into the business of making knives. In fact, some fans are pretty disturbed about the idea of a man who allegedly shot and killed his own family dog is now making weapons for a living. However, there are plenty of fans that are supportive of his creative pursuit.

It seems that whatever the former Teen Mom 2 dad does, he’s not taken public opinion into account. It’s also clear that Jenelle is still very much supportive of her husband, as she has posted on her own Instagram a photo of some of his leatherwork. The controversial former reality TV star continues to cause headlines and does not shy away from the backlash.
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Source: Black River Metal and Wood

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