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Travel guide: Everything you need to know before booking a hotel

Travel guide: Everything you need to know before booking a hotel

Finding accommodation for your upcoming holiday can be a stressful and time consuming process. No doubt, the internet makes it a bit more easier than it used to be, but it also has its cons. There is always the fear of walking into a building that looks nothing like the images you saw on the internet, or worse, to discover that the service is horrendous!
Paying for a service that is not worth its price is also a major concern, especially if you are a traveler on a limited budget.
Here is a quick rundown of five things you need to lookout for when booking a hotel…
Its locationThe location of the hotel is vital. You want to get a hotel with a location that allows you get to all the fun spots and eateries you plan to go to easily. The only exception to this might be if you are looking to go for a personal retreat, and need a location as far-flung as possible.
Most hotels have a description of their location on their website. However, it would be best if you used Google Maps to verify if the description is correct, and how far or close the hotel is from the places you plan to visit. You would be surprised at how often hotels exaggerate about how close they are to a tourist spot. Using Street View, you can also check the road the hotel is on and see whether the facade looks nice as well. This is our top tip before picking a hotel – don’t rely on the images the company themselves put up!
Fellow travelers’ reviews on trusted review sitesTrusted travel review sites are also a good source for information. Emphasis should be on the adjective “trusted”. While these reviews are not all that accurate, they can be very helpful. A good mental model to decide which reviews to use might be the number of people who have reviewed the hotel, and its score.
Let’s assume you are planning on visiting the Philippines. Hotels such as the Southpole Central Hotel with over 130 reviews on Trip Advisor might be an option on the list of hotels you are considering.
Cancellation policiesYou want to ensure that the cancellation policy is flexible enough to allow for any sudden changes in your schedule. These things happen.
Some booking sites help you avoid the no-show fees most hotels make you pay if you cancel on your trip due to unforeseen circumstances. You can also check the allowed period for cancellation, and hope that if you absolutely have to cancel, it falls within the period.
Reputation of the hotelThe best guarantee for a hotel’s reputation most of the time is to simply find out if it’s part of a chain or not. This doesn’t mean that every hotel in a chain would be perfect, but you can almost be sure of the standard of experience and service you will be getting. Travel review sites are the best way to gauge a hotel’s reputation if it is not part of a chain.
Price vs your budgetWhile we’re sure this is a no-brainer, it’s so important it’s worth mentioning! You don’t want to spend all your vacation budget on accommodation. You also want to ensure you get the best possible experience within your budget.
Price is an interesting factor. Generally, the more stars a hotel has, the higher its price. You want to strike a fine balance between the price, the number of stars it has, and your budget. You can also check for discounts, promotions, or if they have packages that fall within your budget.
Getting your hotel booking right is the first step to having an amazing holiday. You ready? We wish you a great time!

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