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Big Brother Houseguest Slams Show for Unfair Advantages

Big Brother Houseguest Slams Show for Unfair Advantages

Big Brother’s Ovi Kabir spoke out about certain houseguests knowing each other before coming on the show, claiming that these connections gave the contestants unfair advantages. It has helped housemates form alliances instantaneously without much of a strategy.
The concept of Big Brother is that cameras follow a group of strangers who are put in the house to live together, where their every move is watched with dozens of high-definition cameras and microphones 24/7. There were rumors before the Big Brother 21 season even aired that fans were noticing that there would be some houseguests who happen to know each other in the real world before going on the show. It turns out that there are reportedly a couple of crossovers that are happening, causing other castmates to worry if it should be allowed. However, although there are some connections on season 21, this isn’t the first time Big Brother did this.

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Ovi, who was evicted on Day 15, went on AfterBuzz TV to talk about Big Brother and – most importantly – the unfair connections some of the houseguests have before the show, which allows them to form alliances easier. When asked about this, he said, “I’m going to be honest, it did bother me finding that out.” He spoke of Staten Island natives Christine Murphy and Tommy Bracco, who happened to know each other before the show. Not only that, the two had an interesting connection. Christine reportedly dated a woman that was 21 years older than her – and who happens to be Tommy’s aunt. Ovi touched on this, saying, “They’ve had pictures with each other since 2012, I believe. That’s a connection right there.”

It’s understandable why Ovi was so troubled by this information. Strategically speaking, having instantly strong connections does put them at an unfair advantage due to automatically having the numbers on their side. Ovi added, “You expect 16 houseguests to go in and 16 houseguests not to know each other, and there’s so many applicants out there, it shouldn’t be that hard to find no crossovers there.” However, he did speak about the only reason why the houseguests could know each other if it were part of a twist in the game. There have been past pre-house history twists called “secret pairs” which happened in season 6, as well as a “dynamic duo” twist that happened in season 13.

Fans have noticed that there were quite a lot of houseguests on Big Brother 21 from the same towns, universities, or backgrounds. These connections include Holly Allen and Kathryn Dunn, who both participated in Miss USA; Isabella Wang and Kemi Faknule who both attended the University of Maryland; and even Jackson Michie and Ovi himself, who are University of Tennessee alumni.
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Big Brother airs Wednesdays and Thursdays at 9pm EST and Sundays at 8pm EST on CBS.
Source: AfterBuzz TV

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