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7 Beautiful plants to brighten your days during the late winter months

7 Beautiful plants to brighten your days during the late winter months

Rich in symbolism with colorful blossoms, these blooms will remind you that spring and Easter aren’t far away.

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Although the days are finally getting longer, with the cold of winter — and it’s been unbelievably cold this year thanks to that polar vortex — it’s understandable if you’re going a bit stir crazy at home, waiting for spring and Easter and sunnier days.

But take heart — some beauty and joy can be injected into our days by picking out some winter blooms to add a touch of nature and color to our homes and offices. We’ve selected a few of our favorite posies to brighten up your days as winter rages. Some, you might be surprised to know, even have religious meaning, too.


This charming little flower’s name derives from the French word penser, meaning ‘to think/ponder.’ But it’s also referred to as “hearts ease” thanks to St. Euphrasia, whose name means ‘cheerfulness of mind.’ Because of her humility the nun was referred to as a ‘humble violet.’


Japanese Quince

This beautiful ornamental shrub adds a pretty touch to any home in the colder months. Its edible fruit that ripens in fall makes a delicious marmalade full of vitamin C. Coming from the Chaenomeles family, this flower that blossoms in winter and early spring symbolizes rebirth — a perfect reminder that Easter is coming.



Also known as Calluna vulgaris — Calluna from the Greek, Kallune, meaning beautify, sweep clean, and vulgaris from the Latin, meaning common. Heather was often used to make sweeping brushes but this flowering shrub is perfect for filling pots. Symbolizing good luck and admiration, heather is thought to have to protective powers so it’s a comforting addition to a home.



The origin of this exquisite perennial plant isn’t certain but it’s also referred to as a Christmas or Lenten rose  that flowers in late winter and early spring. Although toxic, it’s been used for medicinal purposes over the years. If the plants flower before Christmas, this signals a bountiful year to follow.


Snow drops

From the Greek, galanthus, meaning ‘snow’ and ‘milk’, this plant is also known as Mary’s tapers. There is nothing more beautiful than a pretty snowdrop emerging from blanket of snow. Symbolizing purity and hope, these bell-like flowers are a must for any home or garden.


Winter Jasmine

This deciduous shrub produces pretty star-shaped flowers in the winter months. Because its sweet-scented flowers blossom at night, they’re symbolic of purity and modesty. In the Bible, the flower, which has become a popular girl’s name, means ‘gift from God‘.



This sweet-fragranced shrub has beautiful flowers that start to appear in January. The name stems from the Latin, viere, meaning weaving or bending. Along with its berries, the plant is a symbol of the beauty of young maidens in Slavic culture. The big cloudy blooms make an impact in any home or garden.




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