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Cory Booker, the 2020 race and Obama’s legacy

Cory Booker, the 2020 race and Obama’s legacy

(CNN)Sen. Cory Booker’s announcement Friday that he will run for president is not only another sign of the historic diversity of the Democratic Party as it heads into the 2020 presidential primaries. It is a demonstration of the power of former President Barack Obama’s legacy in American politics.

On the night of Obama’s election victory over John McCain in 2008, there were celebrations all over the country among Americans who sensed the significance of the moment. A nation born at a time of slavery had just elected an African-American to the highest position of power. Gallup reported that more than two-thirds of the country believed the election was one of the top three moments of progress for African-Americans in the past hundred years.
In Chicago, about 200,000 people crowded into Grant Park to watch Obama deliver his victory speech. Crowds gathered in the streets all over the country, and all around the world, to chant “O-Bama! O-Bama!” Oprah Winfrey, who was at the celebration in Chicago, captured the sentiment that night when she explained: “It feels like hope won. It feels like it’s not just victory for … Barack Obama. It feels like America did the right thing.”

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