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Bored at work? Shop these 50 quirky items under $50

Bored at work? Shop these 50 quirky items under $50

A hand-poured soy wax candle that smells like the state you’re missing ($30;

This Bluetooth-enabled banana phone you can actually call someone on ($40;

This hand-blown glass orb that comes with 52 pieces of paper, so you can keep track of your wishes or your blessings for the entire year ($32;

A cute and practical way to wash your fruit, dubbed the “Berry Buddy” ($46;

A glass to remind you of your favorite city while you enjoy a drink at the end of a long day ($16;

This retro-styled, cheeky desk sign that’s sure to add a little spice to your 9-to-5 ($28;

Half smartphone stand, half vase, all of it a cute piece of decor for your bedroom ($32;

This portable water bottle for dogs that’ll ensure your best friend stays hydrated ($15;

This chic, reversible faux leather tote and wristlet set ($49;

A luxurious, hand-poured candle made from a coconut wax blend that smells like your favorite sugary treat ($40;

This triple-insulated, vacuum-sealed bottle that perfectly holds a standard bottle of wine, Champagne or any spirit of your choice ($32.95;

This plush throw, which is available in 23 gorgeous colors ($29.90;

A milk frother to help you achieve the perfect at-home latte every morning ($19.99;

This sleek and modern aromatherapy oil diffuser ($29.99;

A tea infuser that chills freshly brewed tea in seconds ($24.99;

One of those really fun reversible sequin throw pillows you can write messages in ($23.49;

A set of four cute stirring spoons ($9.99;

A lightbox table lamp you can personalize with your own message ($19.99;

This popcorn machine that’s sure to be a hit at your next movie night ($44.99;

An 11-piece kitchen utensil set with all the basic cooking tools you’ll need ($29.99;

This super soft and fuzzy fleece blanket that’s available in 16 colors ($25.99;

A Tile Mate to help make sure you never lose your keys or wallet again ($24.92;

This smart scale that can measure your body fat, BMI, muscle mass and more ($39.99;

An Amazon smart plug that can turn off your lights, fans and other appliances automatically ($24.99;

This ice cream scooper that utilizes thermo-ring heating for easy scooping ($19.99;

An electric egg cooker that makes preparing hard-boiled eggs effortless ($19.99;

This sleek, wireless charging pad ($49.88;

This two-in-one bamboo monitor stand and desk organizer ($27.99;

This four-in-one touch-enabled LED lamp, alarm clock, Bluetooth speaker and MP3 player ($32.99;

This lightweight portable charger that can hold up to three phone charges ($31.99;

A Himalayan salt lamp with adjustable brightness settings ($25.99;

Four of the cutest measuring cups to help you get your baking on ($32;

This classic passport holder and luggage tag duo for all your jet-setting needs ($40;

This elegant and eye-catching red wine aerator ($48.49;

A food processor that automatically scrapes the sides of the bowl ($44.99;

This 18-piece glassware set, perfect if you’re looking to furnish your own home bar ($22.32;

A waffle maker to step up your weekend breakfast game ($26.69;

This elegant chip and dip tray, sure to impress at your next dinner party ($49.99;

A farmhouse chalkboard to spruce up your kitchen or workspace ($24.99;

This mirrored tray that brings luxury into any space ($29.99;

A 12-in-1 kitchen multitool to help you step up your cooking game ($34.99;

An adorable pillow and throw set perfect for kids — or kids at heart ($42; nordstrom).

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